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Possibly the most used piece of furniture in your home is your bedroom mattress. The average person spends 1/3 of their life in bed, yet when it comes to cleaning, your mattresses are the most overlooked pieces of furniture in your home. Sure you may vacuum your mattresses frequently & even use mattress covers as a way of protecting your mattresses from dirt, stains & odors & while these actions certainly help alone they simply are not enough to keep your mattresses clean & your family healthy.

How A Dirty Mattress Can Affect Your Health

Many people don’t realize it, but a dirty mattress can have an adverse effect on your health. During the course of day to day living mattresses tend to collect dust and pollen, dead skin cells, perspiration and other bodily fluids, germs from coughing and sneezing or bouts of the flu or a common cold, stains from spilled drinks or accidents by pets or small children, and even dust mites that feed on those dead skin cells that are shed while you are sleeping. The odors from perspiration and hair and body oils that you don’t even notice when your awake can become overwhelming during sleep causing you to wake up several times during the night and preventing you from getting the proper rest that you need.

In addition, the dirt and pollen in your mattress become airborne each time you turn in bed, sending particles into the air lowering the air quality of your bedroom and being inhaled by your. This dust and dirt can increase the frequency of asthma attacks or trigger allergies during the night.

Steam Cleaning Your Mattresses Can Help Protect Your Families Health

Experts state that steam cleaning your mattresses can actually help to protect your family’s health by removing dirt, pollens, stains and odors from your mattresses and improving the air quality of your bedroom. According to experts steam cleaning your mattresses two or three times a year (more if you smoke in your bedroom or have pets that sleep on your bed.) will keep your mattresses clean and result in better health and a better night’s sleep.


Here at Syosset Carpet Cleaning we have the equipment and organic cleaning products to steam clean your mattresses leaving them fresh, clean and odor free. Our steam cleaners will not only remove dirt, stains, and odors from your mattresses, but can kill germs and bacteria too leaving your mattresses a healthier place to sleep. The powerful extractors on our steam cleaners will also remove most of the moisture from your mattresses so that they will dry quickly. In addition, our organic cleaners won’t leave behind any chemical fumes or residue for you breathe in, all you will be left with is a fresh clean scent that will make sleeping in your bed restful and pleasurable.



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