Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

Some of the most difficult to clean items in your home is your upholstered furniture. Not only does the large size and weight of most upholstered furniture make it physically demanding to clean, but with so many different types of upholstery fabrics used on furniture today knowing which type of fabric is covering your furniture and how to clean it can be both confusing and overwhelming.

Some of our upholstery cleaning customers have actually reported that they felt like they needed an advanced degree to learn how to properly clean their upholstered furniture. There are good reasons that our customers feel this way. Each type of upholstery fabric requires its own cleaning method and products and solutions. Use the wrong method and you can end up with faded or running colors or ugly water spots. Luckily for you, our professional upholstery cleaning technicians here at Syosset Carpet Cleaning know how to clean all different types of upholstery fabrics including:

Leather / Faux leather /Cotton and cotton blends / Linen / Velvet / Velour
Silk /Satin / Polyester & Polyester blends / Wool and wool blends

We Clean More Than Just Upholstered Furniture

In order to help you keep your home as clean as you want and deserve our upholstery cleaning technicians will clean more than just your upholstered furniture. They will also clean your blinds, drapes, tapestries hanging on your wall and even those decorative pillows you have.

Moving In Or Moving Out Upholstery Cleaning

If you are currently moving in or moving out of a furnished apartment or house & need or want your upholstery cleaned we are more than happy to provide that service to you. In addition, if you are a landlord & have a vacant apartment or home & would like to have the upholstered furniture cleaned before a new tenant moves in we can certainly accommodate your needs.

Our Extended Cleaning Hours Makes Having Your Upholstery Cleaned More Convenient

When having your upholstery cleaned by our company you can make use of our extended cleaning hours from 8 to 8 & same day cleaning services in order to make having your upholstered cleaned more convenient for you & your family. Our extended hours makes it possible for you not to have to take time off work or give up that valuable time with family to get your furniture cleaned.


If you are not sure that our upholstery cleaning service is right for you or have any questions regarding our upholstery cleaning service why not schedule a free consultation and have your concerns addressed or your questions answered right on the spot? During your free consultation you will be able to explain your specific needs and learn how we can meet those needs. You can also get a free estimate for our services.



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