Syosset Rug Cleaning Service

Not every home or apartment has carpeting. Today many homes have beautiful wood or tile flooring in place of carpets and use area rugs to help deaden sound, provide warmth on cold winter days and add interest to a homes d├ęcor. Day to day cleaning of area rugs is a pretty simple process. You simply give your rugs a good vacuuming frequently and a vigorous shaking every so often. However, sooner or later despite your best care your area rugs begins to show signs of ground in dirt and stains, and may even begin to take on odors from cooking, smoking, or accidents by small children or pets.

What types of rugs do we clean?

When it comes time to give your area rugs a good professional cleaning the experts at Syosset Carpet Cleaning will clean those area rugs for you and can offer you two convenient rug cleaning options when doing so.

Our Home Cleaning Option

Our first area rug cleaning option is the traditional home cleaning option offerred by most carpet cleaning companies that provide rug cleaning services. In this option, you simply give us a call & arrange a time that is convenient for you to have us come & clean your area rugs. Our technicians will arrive at your home & clean your rugs for you right on the spot. When choosing this option you can take advantage of our extended cleaning hours from 8 to 8 & even choose to get same day service.

Types Of Area Rugs We Clean

We clean all different sizes, shapes and types of area rugs from your old family heirlooms to modern rug fiber blends. Some of the different types of area rugs we clean include: Persian Turkish / Indian

Japanese / Shag / Silk

Polyester and polyester blends

Hand made and man made


Our second rug cleaning option is our pick up & delivery option. If you choose this option you simply choose a time that is convenient to you to have us come to your home & pick up your area rugs. We will then take your rugs back to our facility & clean them there & even make any minor necessary repairs your rugs may need before returning them to you again at a time that is convenient to you. Pick & delivery is absolutely free you only pay for the cleaning itself & any repairs you would like us to do.
Regardless of which area rug cleaning option you choose your rugs will still be cleaned by our trained carpet & rug cleaning technicians using our state of the art equipment & our organic cleaning products.



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